QR codes empower consumers through their mobile devices

QR codes in mobile commerce

Smartphone scanning technology has been giving shoppers the ability to browse and checkout more independently. Through the common use of technologies such as QR codes, mobile commerce has started to make its way even further into the in-store shopping experience than it ever has before. Consumers are using their devices as they shop in a store and companies can use barcodes to guide their behaviors. Retailers and other merchants across the country have been coming up with their own unique uses for QR codes, which allow them to step into…

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Mcommerce developer tools unveiled by PayPal

Paypal mobile payments

The massive online payments company may be responding to pressure from other processors. PayPal has just announced that it is updating its various tools for developers with the release of a new mcommerce SDK with easier code that allows for integration as a mobile payment method. This is meant to make it easier for developers to be able to work with PayPal as a payment method. It has been speculated that this action by PayPal could be a response to pressure that the company is feeling from other processors, such…

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Mcommerce steps up yet again with Swedish PayPal partnership

Paypal mobile payments

The new deal with the WRapp gifting app brings mobile payments up a level in Sweden. PayPal has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Wrapp, which will give them the opportunity to test a social gifting service as a way to draw new Swedish users. Wrapp is a service that allows friends to give, receive, and use mobile gift cards. This mcommerce app also allows friends to work together to build a combined gift from several people to give to one recipient. The application works through…

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Mobile commerce battle stepped up by Square

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

The smartphone payments startup has introduced digital gift cards into its mix to compete with PayPal. Smartphone payments startup, Square, Inc., has upped the ante in the battle against PayPal for a dominant position in the mobile commerce environment, with a new feature that allows retailers to sell gift cards to shoppers. This updated version of the Square Wallet application allows for the purchasing and redemption of gift cards. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices, as well as those running on the Android operating system. The…

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Mobile marketing will make up half of budgets in five years

mobile marketing budget

The sector will still not be able to reach its full potential due to a skills gap that will continue to exist. The results of a study by Experian Marketing Services have predicted that by the year 2017, companies and brands will be spending 50 percent of their budgets on mobile marketing. However, at the moment, progress is stunted due to a lack of understanding of the sector. Those responsible for implementing mobile marketing techniques are still struggling to fully comprehend the medium and are challenged by the methods used…

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Mobile commerce site and app for CVS/pharmacy overhauled

mobile health clinics program

Additional features now available include a pill identifier and a scheduler for immunizations. CVS Caremark Corp, has announced that it has revamped its mobile commerce website as well as its app in order to assist consumers in improving their healthcare management. These updates to the site include an immunization scheduler. The CVS mobile commerce website now gives consumers the opportunity to plan ahead with their immunizations by scheduling them. Though appointments are not necessary, it helps those who enjoy the additional opportunity to be organized. Making an appointment is a…

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Mobile payments survey shows most consumers interested

NFC Mobile Payments System

Research indicates that the majority of bank customers worldwide have interest in smartphone transactions. A mobile payments survey conducted by IMS Research that included the participation of 700 consumers from seven countries showed that 60 percent of banking customers are interested in the service. Respondents were from the U.S., the U.K., Turkey, Poland, South Korea, Japan, and China. The report about the survey was entitled “The World Market for Payment and Banking Cards – 2012 Edition”. Its author, Don Tait, is the one of the firm’s Financial and ID Technology…

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Mcommerce company unveils new aggregate local deal app

Mobile Wallets

The startup from Philadelphia has now launched its new application for iOS devices. Clutch, a startup mcommerce company from Philadelphia, has just announced the launch of its first app, which provides consumers with a consolidated shopping, deals, and gifting experience. The free application is currently available only for iOS devices but will soon be available in Android. According to the company, they expect to have the Android mcommerce app available within the next three months. Ned Moore, a co-founder of the company, stated that he and the other co-founders, Dan…

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Mobile marketing award won by IMImobile and British Gas

m-commerce award

The acknowledgement was given for the best mobile CRM/Enterprise message campaign. It has just been announced that IMImobile, one of the leading providers of specialized smartphone and tablet data platforms and services to enterprises and telecom operators worldwide, is the recipient of one of the top Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. These coveted awards are a celebration of the best advertising and promotion campaigns and solutions. They acknowledge the best solutions and campaigns, worldwide, that are designed for mobile marketing implementation. This Most Effective CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign award was handed to…

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Mcommerce company becomes first to receive Restoration Alpha Angels support

mobile commerce growth

The paythru payments platform has raised significant investment through the network. Paythru, an mcommerce firm that provides a mobile payments platform, has become the first to raise funds through the Restoration Alpha Angels network of investors. The £700,000 will be used by paythru to help the company increase its efforts for growth. The organization receiving the funds, paythru, is based in Buckinghamshire. It provides a cloud based mcommerce service that allows smartphones and tablets to be used as point of sale devices in order to allow businesses to accept digital…

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Mcommerce may be heading toward a rapid decline

QR Code mcommerce Growth on the Rise

The numbers may begin falling very soon, and certainly after the holiday shopping season is through. Anyone who has ever been out shopping on Black Friday will understand why mcommerce picks up so dramatically on that day and over that weekend until the end of Cyber Monday. The lines and the limited ability to move about to compare products and prices make technology a valuable resource. Smartphones are making it possible to overcome many of the barriers that are presented on the busiest shopping days of the year. Mcommerce is…

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