Mobile technology reaches another milestone in LTE subscriptions

Global mobile technology trends network

This year is going to be a massive record breaking year when it comes to smartphone broadband subscriptions. According to recent mobile technology data that has been released by Ovum, a global analyst firm, the number of global LTE mobile broadband subscriptions has already broken the 250 million mark as of the first quarter of this year. The report made by Ovum showed that the largest LTE market in the world is the United States. Moreover, Ovum went on to add to its mobile technology data by explaining that within…

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Apple may release a mobile commerce platform this year

Apple virtual reality

Ovum predicts that Apple will finally enter into the mobile commerce space Ovum, a market research firm based in the United Kingdom, has released its latest 2014 Trends to Watch report, which predicts that Apple will finally enter into the mobile commerce market this year. Apple has approached the mobile commerce space with caution due to the security issues that exist therein. It had been speculated that the iPhone 5 would include NFC technology, but Apple has little faith in NFC, especially when it comes to using the technology for…

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Mobile commerce security has consumers frightened

Mobile Security at work

Consumers are shying away from mobile shopping Ovum, a market research firm, has released a report concerning the caution that many consumers are exhibiting concerning mobile commerce. The idea of shopping for and purchasing products using a mobile device has become quite attractive to many people, but the idea that such practices could put financial information at risk has caused some wariness among consumers. This is largely due to the fact that mobile commerce has become quite popular among hackers that are seeking to exploit financial information. Consumers prefer traditional…

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Research shows business mobile marketing budgets on the rise

Mobile Commerce

The results of a recent survey performed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have shown that the concerns that had initially held back the progress of mobile marketing have been effectively addressed in order to let it move forward at an explosive rate. The study examined the rate at which mobile advertising is growing, and it showed that many of the problems it had faced – such as those imposed by the limitations of mobile phone technologies or by networks – have been significantly improving through developments in broadband for…

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