Wearable technology and mobile growth are Yahoo’s next big target

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A number of the latest devices that are hitting the market may present the company with considerable opportunities.

Yahoo has now revealed that it has taken aim at its next area of growth, which will include a great deal of mobile components, including wearable technology such as the opportunity presented by the release of the Apple Watch.

The recovering company is now targeting the app world in order to help to transform itself.

Yahoo’s senior vice president of mobile, Adam Cahan, has stated that wearable technology devices will be offering the company a considerable opportunity in 2015, both as a new format for existing mobile apps and as a chance to create entirely new user experiences. As Cahan explained the company’s strategies, he also pointed out that he expects Yahoo – as well as the industry as a whole – to be able to take advantage of “huge amounts of future growth” that will be occurring as consumers continue to adopt the use of more mobile devices and wearables.

Yahoo has also taken the internet of things into consideration, beyond the stage of mainstream wearable technology.

yahoo mobile wearable technologyCahan stated that “We’re talking about a platform that is still growing by leaps and bounds — five times as many devices in front of us — and the categories of devices are undergoing a huge evolution.” He also added that they will be taking a very good look at the location of the sensors on the latest and upcoming devices, as it will be those features that will provide the opportunity to be able to “reimagine experiences.”


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When Apple launched its Watch smartwatch, Yahoo was a part of it, as it has created a wrist-sized screen version of its News Digest product. That device is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2015. News Digest was recently acquired through Summly, is a service that provides automatic summaries of daily news and that provides context based links.

According to Cahan, Apple was “on to a hit with its Watch, and he now looks forward to watching the rate of consumer adoption as well as to the potential for a broader range of different Yahoo apps that will be available to users with that and other wearable technology products.

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