Best Buy calls itself the largest selection of wearable technology

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The electronics chain is telling holiday shoppers in Canada that it offers the most types of wearables.

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, consumers are starting to get to know what is available and where, and when it comes to buying wearable technology in Canada, Best Buy claims to have the largest selection of both the devices and their accessories.

It says that its wearables selection contains over 200 different products that include a vast range of options.

Within the wearable technology department, consumers can find everything from smartwatches to fitness trackers and from wearables for pets to headbands that claim to be able to sense brainwaves. Clearly, this year’s selection moves well beyond pedometers and calorie counting. There are enough items in this area to create a number of sub-categories and consumers are definitely browsing around to help themselves to find the ideal gift for everyone that they have on their shopping list.

That said, Best Buy is trying to encourage consumers to do more than browse wearable technology and created funny videos to help.

To help to educate Canadians about the growing wearables category so that they would become more interested in buying, a comedian, Debra DiGiovanni, was hired and a series of short, funny blogs and videos were created. Within them, she tested out a range of different products, including the Muse brain sensing headband, the Moto Pet 200, and the Fitbit Charge. The items were tested out in a number of different types of situation.

Some of the scenarios in the videos were more typical to everyday life and showed how they work, while others were rather unconventional and more amusing to viewers. Overall, they revealed some of the many reasons that consumers might be willing to make wearables the largest holiday tech trend this year, and into the future.

According to the Best Buy Canada director of emerging business, Zayn Jaffer, “We are proud to bring the largest selection of wearables and accessories from the best brands to Canadians this holiday. Fitness trackers and smart watches are still extremely popular, but now we have even more categories like pet wearables, sport technology, health tech, and headwear.” The goal of the campaign with the comedian is to remove some of the confusion and intimidation surrounding wearable technology in an entertaining way.

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