Ticketmaster enters contactless mobile payment technology partnership

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The massive ticketing company has partnered with VenueNext for a broad digital fan experience.

Ticketmaster and VenueNext have announced the rollout of a new contactless mobile payment technology partnership. This collaboration between the companies will make it possible for fans to manage transactions in a contact-free way. The same can be said about their mobile orders and other forms of in-venue experiences, which will all be accessible by way of their smartphones.

The partnership will be based on the VenueNext point of sale and m-commerce company’s tech.

The two companies have signed a multi-year partnership for this contactless mobile payment technology. The VenueNext tech will be used for delivering a range of different contact-free solutions across the entire user base at Ticketmaster. This includes its complete range of ticketing and experiences, such as concerts and sporting events.

The new features will become available at all venues worldwide. In this way, guests will be able to manage every type of purchase they want both ahead of time and while at the events themselves. Among the experiences they will be able to manage will include in-seat concessions and merchandise ordering on their smartphones.

The new contactless mobile payment technology is meant to help improve event experience and safety.

The sporting event and concert industry, like festivals and other experiences involving large gatherings of people have suffered immensely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Many have been greatly reduced if not outright cancelled in the name of keeping people safe. That said, the entertainment industry is working hard to try to find ways for people to begin safely attending events once more.

Ticketmaster had already been offering its customers various forms of mobile ticketing in a contactless format. However, the new partnership with VenueNext and its contactless mobile payment technology is meant to help greatly broaden those digital offerings. This move has been made in direct response to the pandemic.

The companies are hopeful that consumers will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy their Contactless mobile payment technology - Business - Handshake - Mobile Phonesfavorite parts of the events they want to attend, without having to move around the venues too much, line up, or interact with too many people in close proximity.

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