Square QR codes launch, allowing diners to order from their restaurant tables

Square QR codes - Square pay machine and a mobile phone

The system was developed to help provide restaurants with a new way to operate during the pandemic. Square QR codes are offering restaurants a new way to keep operating by making it possible for diners to peruse the menu, order the food they want, and pay without ever having to interact with a server. The barcodes themselves aren’t unique but combining them with the point of sale system makes a difference. The pandemic has caused many restaurants to use quick response barcodes to replace printed menus. This helps to reduce…

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Powa Technologies aims for more success in the mobile commerce field

Mobile commerce Trends

New acquisition could help Powa reach new markets throughout the world Powa Technologies, a prominent commerce organization based in the United Kingdom, has announced its acquisition of MPayMe, a company based in Hong Kong that specializes in business technologies. Through this acquisition, Powa aims to expand its global reach, breaking into new markets, particularly those that are interested in new technology and mobile commerce. The acquisition will give Powa access to MPayMe’s Znap application, which allows users to scan QR codes to make mobile payments. QR codes are becoming powerful…

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QR codes lead to higher spending from consumers

mobile payments - QR codes

Survey shows that QR codes are a powerful mobile commerce tool Adobe has released the results of its latest survey, called “Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey.” The survey highlights the mobile trends that exist among consumers in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Notably, the survey found that QR code use within these countries is on the rise, especially where QR codes are linked to mobile commerce. The codes often face criticism from consumers that believe they are ineffective, but the survey shows that many people may be…

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QR codes get new standards in mobile commerce

QR Codes

QR codes breaking into the mobile commerce realm QR codes have long been powerful marketing tools for advertisers looking to engage mobile consumers. The codes have been growing beyond the boundaries of marketing, however, and have been entering the realm of mobile commerce. QR codes are becoming more common throughout the world in their association with “pop-up” stores and are being used by retailers to sell products directly to consumers. In the U.S., this practice is becoming so common that the need for guidelines and standards for the use of…

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