QR codes lead to higher spending from consumers

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Survey shows that QR codes are a powerful mobile commerce tool

Adobe has released the results of its latest survey, called “Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey.” The survey highlights the mobile trends that exist among consumers in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Notably, the survey found that QR code use within these countries is on the rise, especially where QR codes are linked to mobile commerce. The codes often face criticism from consumers that believe they are ineffective, but the survey shows that many people may be warming to the idea of using QR codes for shopping and other purposes.

Codes are gaining favor with young consumers

According to the survey from Adobe, 35% of men and 28% of women have scanned QR codes in the past three months. The codes are most popular with those between the ages of 18 and 29. The survey shows that 80% of those that have scanned QR codes were presented with an experienced that was optimized for mobile viewing. The codes appear to be gaining favor with consumers as more businesses form a better understanding of how to actually use the codes. Thus far, QR codes seem to be most popular with those that participate in mobile commerce.

smartphone - mobile payments - QR codesMobile commerce may thrive with the help of QR codes

More consumers are opting to shop from their mobile devices, participating in mobile commerce more so than they ever have in the past. QR codes are quickly becoming a quintessential part of mobile commerce as they are able to provide consumers with a variety of services. In physical stores, the codes can be used to find additional information on certain products while also being used for price comparison purposes. The codes have also lead to the advent of “pop-up” stores, which can take form anywhere and sell products through the scanning of these codes.

Consumers spend more when using codes

The survey shows that 21% of consumers spend more than $500 when shopping from their mobile device when they use QR codes. Only 11% of these consumers spend as much money when not using QR codes. The survey suggests that QR codes have become a very powerful mobile commerce tool and have encouraged consumers to spend more money while mobile shopping than any other mobile commerce tool.

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