New shared bicycle QR code system to launch in Singapore in 2019

QR code parking - Bike Rental

The bike rentals system will be highly enforced and offenders face bans and fines. Singapore is implementing a new QR code parking system for shared bicycles. It will launch as of the start of next year. The goal is to stop users from parking indiscriminately, according to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). The QR codes will make it possible to track down the rider who last used any given shared bike. The QR code parking system is meant to encourage shared bicycle users to park the bikes in designated areas.…

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QR code parking solution helps to secure vehicles within the city

qr code parking

Police in Islamabad recently implemented a new solution designed for smartphone using drivers. A new QR code parking technology has been installed by police in Islamabad, for the purpose of making it safer and more secure for drivers to park their vehicles. The new tech is called Park Secure and is meant to provide easy to scan parking codes. The police announced the use of the Park Secure QR code parking technology which now secures all public parking areas in the city. The Park Secure system is designed to digitally…

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QR codes assist in finding cars in the Indianapolis Airport parking lot

QR codes parking lot

The quick response codes have now been installed in shelters to help travelers find their vehicles. The Indianapolis International Airport has now installed QR codes in the various shelters in its parking lot in order to provide people with assistance in being able to locate where they left their vehicles while they were away. The quick response codes are designed to make it easier for travelers to find their own cars. It’s hard enough to remember where you’ve parked when you go to the supermarket, but trying to recall exactly…

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