Is your mobile phone security at risk because of your own actions?

mobile phone security cell number

A private investigator is cautioning consumers that they’re sharing their smartphone numbers too often. There are a number of mobile phone security risks to which device users are exposing themselves every day without even knowing it. The result, says private investigator Thomas Martin who is a former Drug Enforcement Agency agent, is that consumers are providing third parties with access to a surprisingly large amount of information about themselves. The cause is an over-willingness of American consumers to share their phone numbers. Cell numbers have a direct link to our…

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Teensy tiny Jelly smartphone has 2.5 inch display and 4G

Jelly Smartphone

The very small sized device will retail for only $109 and will run on Android 7.0. The Jelly smartphone may be exceptionally small but it’s making a very big splash by standing out in a crowded market. With a teensy 2.45 inch display, the device will cost only $109 and will run on Android 7.0. In a marketplace where screens are getting bigger, this tiny device is definitely different. Moreover, the creators of the Jelly phone have already achieved fully-funded status on Kickstarter. Big networks and tech companies have all…

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Mobile phone roaming charges will be no more in Europe

europe Mobile phone Commerce News

The E.U. has abolished these additional fees for people traveling from one region to the next. At some point in 2017, travelers will see relief on their mobile phone bills as long as they stay within the E.U. as members of the European parliament have now voted on new rules that will abolish roaming charges. This will help holidaymakers to stop their providers from charging them a massive bill for device usage while roaming. The vote will make it possible for travelers to use their devices for calls, text and…

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U.S. regulations surrounding mobile phone tracking are drawn in

cell tower mobile phone tracking

New guidance has been issued with regards to the use of various forms of tracking technology. According to new guidance that has been released by the United States Justice Department, if federal agencies want to use mobile phone tracking technology, they will now need to obtain search warrants in order to do so legally. Until now, various agencies – including the FBI – did not require a warrant to use this tracking technology. This made it possible for cell-site simulators to be used for mobile phone tracking within an area…

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Consumers are cautioned against using illegal mobile phone repeaters

World On Your Device - Mobile phone repeaters

Australian technology users are being warned that the use of these devices is against the law. Despite the fact that mobile phone repeaters are very easy for Australians to purchase when they want to improve the cellular reception that they are able to access at home, many don’t realize that these devices can actually be dangerous and they are illegal without appropriate licenses. The Australian Communications and Media Authority is warning that using them could bring on jail time. Mobile phone repeaters work by boosting the stability of a signal…

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