Mobile RetailMeNot website provides digital discount coupon experience innovation for consumers

Mobile Site

Leading American online discount coupon website, has announced that it has launched a new site optimized for mobile devices at The new website has been created based on the feedback provided by the community at the existing website, and offers consumers on-the-go with Android and iOS devices with savings opportunities by providing them with access to thousands of discounts being made by merchants worldwide. Beyond its sizeable library of coupons, RetailMeNot also has plans for broadening its platform so that it will be able to provide consumers with…

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Consumers prepare for the rise of NFC enabled devices for mobile payments

Mobile platform commerce Shopping

  As an increasing number of mobile device companies announce their intentions to release products that contain a near field communications (NFC) chip, consumers are preparing themselves to begin using these devices to replace their wallets and handbags for making purchases.  Google, for example, has already come up with the Nexus S cell phone from Samsung Electronics, which is NFC enabled, allowing for mobile payments.  This device was unveiled last December and has the necessary technology to transmit payment information or discount coupons in conjunction with a reading device at…

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Nokia unveils Perks paperless coupon service

Nokia technology news

Nokia has announced that it has been secretly working on a new paperless coupons service called Nokia Perks, which will offer mobile phone users discounts that will be redeemable with a near-field communications (NFC) chip. The company has already been developing this service in order to draw smart shoppers through a variety of different savings opportunities. The concept is comparable to Groupon by Google, in that it will permit customers to benefit from the offers directly through their mobile devices. Perks is completely paperless and allows consumers to search for…

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