Mobile wallet, Isis, works to rebrand to distance itself from militant group

Mobile Payments

While a new name has not been chosen for the service, it is on its way in coming months. The mobile wallet joint venture that is backed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T will soon be receiving a new name, as Isis is being rebranded now that an Islamic militant group has been labeled with the same name. The goal is to place a greater distance against the group responsible for violence against civilians in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS militant group has been linked to considerable sectarian violence against government…

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Mobile payments strategies are getting fierce

Google Wallet Mobile Payments

Google Wallet has just played a very important next move in its battle against rival Isis. The latest version of Android, KitKat, brought with it a new feature called Host Card Emulation (HCE), in the hopes of giving its Google Wallet a serious shot in the arm through the use of NFC technology. Now, that effort looks as though it might have been a very promising strategy as it has gained massive credit card provider support. Both Visa and MasterCard have now declared that they will be supporting HCE so…

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Mobile payments marketplace in US prepares for two major systems

Mobile payments - Isis wallet

The announcements we reported to you from Money2020 last week have the U.S. waiting for the rollout. Last week, we brought the latest announcements from Money2020, as they were happening, including the announcement of two major mobile payments systems, the technologies that they would be using, and the fact that they are both preparing to launch in the United States very soon. These services claim that they will make transactions more appealing to both merchants and consumers. It was also clear that in the mobile payments universe, the winners were…

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Mobile payments through Isis to begin starting October 22

isis mobile wallet

The trial of the new digital wallet service will kick off in a limited way. The national mobile payments network, Isis, will have its official consumer trial launch, beginning on Monday, October 22, 2012, and will support three different Samsung Galaxy, Android based smartphones. Users of the Galaxy S Relay 4G, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III will be able to test the digital wallet. According to the latest mobile payments news that has been circulating as a result of a memo that was leaked, the pilot launch of…

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Mobile payments from T-Mobile may be ready this month


The wireless provider is reportedly ready for its digital wallet launch. Different mobile payments services are popping up everywhere we look these days, as industry giants work on their own or in partnerships to ensure their place in this market that is expected to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars within a short period of time. Companies are counting on the dependency that people have built on smartphones and tablets. They have assumed that because people are using those devices for so many other purposes, it’s only natural that…

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