Apple tablet commerce rises despite a drooping Q3 2016

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At the same time that the iPhone maker saw rapidly shrinking revenues, its iPad earnings have increased. The maker of the iPhone has now announced its third quarter earnings and it is the Apple tablet commerce that is turning heads. The last quarter brought in almost $8 billion in profits, which was far lower than previous quarters and years. Still, it pointed to greater growth in iPad sales, something that hadn’t been seen in quite some time. At the same time, Apple remains quite optimistic about the future of its…

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Apple’s tablet commerce is drooping with sliding iPad sales volumes

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The electronics giant isn’t seeing the record breaking sales it experienced in its newly released iPhones. While Apple has been thrilled about its holiday quarter forecast, following a 16 percent boost in iPhone sales that was even better than anticipated, it is still seeing slumping sales volumes in its tablet commerce as the latest iPads aren’t as hot among consumers as had been hoped. This is occurring even as the Mac computer shipments have seen the strongest shipments in years. Regardless of the slumping sales volume in tablet commerce, at…

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Tablet commerce is slowing for Apple’s iPad

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The technology giant is no longer experiencing an acceleration of shipments for those devices. According to some of the latest mobile technology industry data, while the tablet commerce competition for Apple experienced a growth of their device shipments of 79 percent over the last year, Apple’s growth was notably lower at 13 percent. At the same time, while market saturation approaches for these devices, the company could still hold strong. The report by ABI research indicated that even though there have been notable challenges along the way, as the tablet…

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Technology news report says Android tablet is about to take over

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The latest data from ABI Research is showing that the “tipping point” is approaching for these devices. Since the release of the iPad, technology news headlines have always held Apple’s tablet at the head of the pack, with market dominance that held a massive lead over the competition. But the latest data is showing that the iPad may be about to lose its crown as Android tablets rise. ABI Research has just released a report that has stated that the “tipping point” for Android tablets is rapidly approaching. This suggests…

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