Kabam to focus on producing top tier mobile games

mobile games stress slow conversion

Developer wants to make games that rank in the top 10 positions of app stores Kabam, a game developer based in San Francisco, California, has announced that it will be committing its efforts to producing mobile games that rank within the top 10 positions in app stores. The company has a long history of developing multiplayer strategy games on mobile platforms, but internal changes are shifting the company’s focus into other sectors. Mobile games come in a various forms, and some of the most popular games that have been developed…

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Michael Kors is taking the wearable technology leap

wearable technology brain scanning

John Idol, the CEO of the brand, has said that more details will be announced in the “next few months”. The Michael Kors fashion label – likely best recognized for its MK print handbags – has now announced that it intends to start making its way into the wearable technology category, and it plans to start making announcements of the specifics for those products within the “next few months.” The announcement of the Michael Kors entry into wearables was made to analysts by the CEO. According to CEO John Idol,…

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Wearable technology from Intel to boost Parkinson’s disease research

new wearable technology

The tech company is working with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for progress in study and treatment. The Intel Corporation and the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) for Parkinson’s Research have now announced that they will be working together in a new initiative that uses wearable technology to help to improve the research being conducted on the disease and the types of treatments that will be available to those who have it. This neurodegenerative brain disease is second only to Alzheimer’s in its prevalence in the United States. This strategy…

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Wearable technology shirt at the center of Intel’s current vision

wearable technology intel smart shirt

The chipmaker’s entry into wearables will involve a product that people have been wearing for millennia. According to Intel, the next big thing in wearable technology will be a smart shirt, which is technically something that is already being worn by millions of people and that has been worn for a very long time. Of course, it is the “smart” aspect of the apparel that makes the difference in this particular case. Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel, modeled this wearable technology, himself. While attending the Code Conference, he donned…

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Wearable technology perceptions are holding it back

Intel 8742 chip wearable technology

Intel says that companies aren’t yet concentrating on what people actually want from these devices. According to Steve Brown, chief evangelist and futurist at Intel, until the industry works to design their wearable technology in a way that will appeal to the perceptions of consumers, that sector simply will not succeed. This statement was made in a speech that Brown gave in London at a tech event. Brown spoke at the Wearable Technology Show in London with a keynote address in which he instructed the delegates in the audience to…

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