Wearable technology shirt at the center of Intel’s current vision

wearable technology intel smart shirt

The chipmaker’s entry into wearables will involve a product that people have been wearing for millennia.

According to Intel, the next big thing in wearable technology will be a smart shirt, which is technically something that is already being worn by millions of people and that has been worn for a very long time.

Of course, it is the “smart” aspect of the apparel that makes the difference in this particular case.

Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel, modeled this wearable technology, himself. While attending the Code Conference, he donned a shirt that had many different sensors incorporated into it. It gave him the ability to monitor certain biometrics such as his heart rate, as well as the emotions that it suggested that he was feeling. The sensors in the shirt were able to communicate with a smartphone app so that the bio feedback could be observed, monitored, and tracked.

Though this wearable technology is not yet available, it will be released at some point during this summer.

The shirt can go in the washing machine, but it does include a battery that isn’t supposed to get wet, so it will be important for owners to remember to take it out before tossing it in the wash. That said, Krzanich insists that the Intel smart shirt can be worn out into the rain, despite the fact that its battery is supposed to stay dry.


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Though the company doesn’t intend to actually manufacture the shirts, themselves, it has been working on the sensors that are necessary for embedding within the clothing in order to add the technology portion of these wearables.

This smart shirt is only one portion of the much broader vision that has been expressed by Krzanich, which includes “eyes, ears, wrist, and torso”. Therefore, it is easy to believe that this will be only one of several new forms of wearables that will be unveiled by Intel over the next little while.

For those interested in this wearable technology, all that can be offered is a recommendation for patience, as the company has yet to release information with regards to availability and pricing.

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