Wearables ideas sought by Intel

wearables Intel California Headquarters

The massive technology company is launching a global initiative to challenge people to come up with a winning idea. Intel Corp. has announced the start of a worldwide challenge that will have people competing for the top ideas in the wearables category, and that will offer the winners of this technology contest a cash prize. This is one of the hottest areas of mobile technology at the moment and Intel clearly wants to lead the way. According to an Intel Architecture Group vice president, W. Eric Mentzer, who is also…

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Intel sets sights on mobile security

Intel Mobile Security

Security is growing as a priority for businesses and consumers alike Mobile security is becoming a priority for many technology companies. More people are beginning to use their mobile devices for more than just communication and many of these people are using their smartphones and tablets for job-related activates. This could present a serious problem for businesses, especially because many people do not have adequate security software installed on their devices. Intel has taken the issue to heart and is one of the companies that is working to promote mobile…

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Perceptual Computing unveiled by Intel

Scene from Minority Report the Movie - Perceptual Computing concept

Intel reveals Perceptual Computing during IDF event Intel recently held the 2012 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, California, where the company introduced a new concept it is calling Perceptual Computing. According to Intel, Perceptual Computing refers to a new generation of human-computing interactions. The concept is characterized in technologies, such as mobile devices, sensing and perceiving user actions and responding to these actions accordingly. Intel notes that Perceptual Computing relies heavily on augmented reality technology, which has long shown its ability to respond to user interaction. New SDK…

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Magic Mirror to bring augmented reality to retail

augmented retail

Augmented reality may solve some problems in e-commerce E-commerce has emerged as one of the most prominent aspects of the retail industry. Retailers have been making more of an effort to connect with online consumers in recent years, recognizing that these people represent a wide and diverse audience. As retailers begin to focus more on e-commerce, they are becoming more interested in the use of augmented reality. Many retailers face a simple, but important problem in that a significant portion of online consumers will not make purchases of items they…

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Augmented reality catches the attention of Intel

Intel mobile security software

Intel begins to show more interest in augmented reality technology Intel, acclaimed maker of semiconductor computer chips, is accustomed to stepping outside of the boundaries of convention when it comes to developing innovative technologies. The company has long been on the cutting edge of technological progress with its wide range of products. Earlier this year, the company began showing interest in NFC technology for a new line of computer chips. These chips would have enabled any electronic device they were installed in to communicate wirelessly with other devices. Now, Intel…

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