New Bordeaux Stadium QR codes implemented by FinalCAD

qr codes thumb

At the opening on May 23, attendees at this multifunction venue could scan installed quick response codes. Last weekend, QR codes played an important part of the massive inauguration of the new Bordeaux Stadium (Nouveau Stade Bordeaux-Atlantique), as FinalCAD implemented them to give people access to a greater amount of information about the massive venue. There were over one thousand quick response codes throughout the tremendous 4.6 hectare (11 acre) center. That said, as useful as the QR codes were at the inauguration of the stadium, these barcodes were also…

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QR codes could soon bring about smart diapers

diaper qr codes

These products could be very helpful to baby health and assists parents with providing proper care. Although the QR codes on smart diapers aren’t designed to allow you to receive texts, check your emails, or view a website, they can be a very important element in data collection that can promote better baby health. Though this may not seem like a tremendous problem, wet diapers is one of the largest concerns to infant wellness. Now, QR code diapers have been created in prototype and, in conjunction with an iPhone app,…

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QR codes are expected to enhance the festival experience

QR codes scanning success

The goal is to use the barcodes so that smartphone carrying visitors can gain information quickly and easily. QR codes are appearing in a growing number of attractions and popular tourist locations, and festivals are not falling behind this opportunity to quickly and easily inform their visitors in a very cost effective way. This is the case at an Ohio music festival that has now amped up its visitor information with the use of the barcodes. The Creekside Blues & Jass Festival organizers in Gahanna, Ohio have decided that QR…

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QR codes are helping to teach fractions to children

jenga qr codes to teach fractions

A new and smartphone friendly version of Jenga has been produced to help teach math. QR codes are starting to play yet another important role in education, as a new version of an old game has been developed in order to assist in teaching children about fractions and how they work. These smartphone friendly barcodes have been used for several years to help teach children various lessons. Teachers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to apply the codes to help with everything from physical education to health…

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