QR codes are expected to enhance the festival experience

QR codes scanning success

The goal is to use the barcodes so that smartphone carrying visitors can gain information quickly and easily.

QR codes are appearing in a growing number of attractions and popular tourist locations, and festivals are not falling behind this opportunity to quickly and easily inform their visitors in a very cost effective way.

This is the case at an Ohio music festival that has now amped up its visitor information with the use of the barcodes.

The Creekside Blues & Jass Festival organizers in Gahanna, Ohio have decided that QR codes are the way to go when it comes to finding a quick, easy, practical, and very affordable way to provide smartphone carrying visitors with the information they need regarding stage schedules, the menus of the various vendors, and other useful information related to the festival.

QR codes scanning successThough far from the first festival using QR codes, this will be the first time they are used at this particular event.

The creation of the QR codes for this festival have been created by Jaclyn Meade, a Gahanna GIS technician, so that it can be offered by the Gahanna Convention and Visitors Bureau. According to Meade, “I am really excited about the debut of the mobile site for the festival.” She added that “The goal is to provide an interactive map for the festival that will give valuable information to the user, like stage schedules, food-vendor menus and shuttle details.”

The QR codes will be located in a number of useful places so that they can be easily seen and scanned by visitors. When the barcodes are scanned – using any free reader app – the visitor is directed to the festival’s mobile website. This means that there are no downloads required unless a barcode scanning app has not yet been installed on the device.

The webpage linked to the QR codes allows the user to choose stars that are popup enabled for providing details about the amenities, stages, and vendors, and to see a display of the festival area itself. Though it is still possible for the user to manually enter the URL of the festival into the device browser, scanning the QR code allows that process to be completed automatically without any touch screen typing required.

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