QR codes scanning apps present on 32 percent of German smartphones

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Forrester research has found that while the capability is there, it’s not always being used. The result of a new Forrester Research study have just been revealed and have indicated that among Germans with smartphones, 32 percent have apps for scanning QR codes installed on their devices. However, it also determined that among them, very few scan on a monthly basis. Among smartphone owners, only 8 percent in total – regardless of whether or not they have an app on their devices at the moment – scan QR codes on…

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QR codes enhance experience at Performance Forum

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Attendees will be able to use the barcodes to gain additional useful information. The Performance Days professional trade fair for functional fabrics in Germany will experience a notable difference in their ninth event, which will include QR codes that will help its attendees to inform themselves much more easily and conveniently. It is hoped that the ability to easily gain information will significantly enhance the experience. QR codes will be available for every fabric featured at the Performance Forum. This will give attendees with smartphones and tablets the ability to…

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QR codes can star in films through QRmovie technology

QR Codes in commercials

Typically found on product packages and in magazine ads, now they can be animated and adaptive. There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of QR codes, as some are used very well and effectively, while others have become annoying enough to cause many marketers to roll their eyes. The latest technology is breaking away from more standard uses of the barcodes. A new effort is now being made by a company based in Hamburg, Germany to try to make QR codes cool again. They are attempting…

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Report shows QR codes more popular in Germany than they are in the UK

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QR code use varies throughout Europe The response from consumers regarding QR codes has been divided. Many mobile consumers have shown disinterest in the codes because they do not offer adequate incentive to encourage these people to scan them. Others have begun avoiding the codes because of suspicion that they may be linked to malicious content. In Europe, QR codes are faring quite well, having shown a resistance to nefarious manipulations as well as many companies providing rewarding incentives. The codes are most popular in the United Kingdom and Germany,…

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