QR codes scanning apps present on 32 percent of German smartphones

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qr codesForrester research has found that while the capability is there, it’s not always being used.

The result of a new Forrester Research study have just been revealed and have indicated that among Germans with smartphones, 32 percent have apps for scanning QR codes installed on their devices.

However, it also determined that among them, very few scan on a monthly basis.

Among smartphone owners, only 8 percent in total – regardless of whether or not they have an app on their devices at the moment – scan QR codes on a monthly basis. That said, among Europeans who do scan the barcodes three or more times every month, the odds are that they are doing so for product research.

Those Europeans who are using QR codes are scanning them to learn more about products and services.

Those consumers scan the QR codes in order to learn more about products that they are considering purchasing and are doing their research into those items using their mobile devices. The Forrester Research report also indicated that those who scan will use their mobile devices for making product purchasing decisions at a higher rate than the average population.

The new report has been entitled “How Extended Packaging Will Redefine Relationships Among Brands, Retailers, And Customers.” It was based on a survey of 13,000 consumers across Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Italy. It looked into the use of the QR codes by various companies ranging from manufacturers to retailers.

The report showed that among all of the countries that were involved in the study, it was Germany that had the highest number of consumers that had actually installed an app for scanning QR codes on their smartphones. Thirty two percent already had a reader on the device. This was closely followed by the Netherlands, at 31 percent, and then Spain, at 30 percent.

Among European iPhone users, 39 percent had readers for QR codes installed on their devices, while 33 percent of Android smartphone users had the same. Twenty seven percent of smartphone users with devices based on other operating systems had installed the apps on their devices.

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