QR codes enhance experience at Performance Forum

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Attendees will be able to use the barcodes to gain additional useful information.

The Performance Days professional trade fair for functional fabrics in Germany will experience a notable difference in their ninth event, which will include QR codes that will help its attendees to inform themselves much more easily and conveniently.

It is hoped that the ability to easily gain information will significantly enhance the experience.

QR codes will be available for every fabric featured at the Performance Forum. This will give attendees with smartphones and tablets the ability to scan the codes so that they can learn and save information about each of those fabrics.

The organizers of this event are known for being open minded about new ideas such as QR codes.

As QR codes are becoming quite commonplace in advertising and product packaging, the organizers felt that this would be a welcome technology to help participants in the event to share and receive the information they need in order to better make decisions. The nature of this particular trade fair requires continual innovation.

The use of technology during the last season made it highly successful, so the organizing team that supports the founding Weichert family are continually seeking new advanced developments to help in the experience of the exhibits for both the exhibitors and the other attendees.

The QR codes will also give visitors access to a new search tool that will allow them to discover information even if they are not standing directly in front of it. This data can be used at the time, or the content can be stored in order to be reviewed later on.

There will also be unique QR codes for each of the fabrics on display. This allows potential buyers to instantly gain relevant information about the product. The scan directs the smartphone or tablet user to the product’s data sheet, which reveals information about the product name, its manufacturer, its item number, information specific to the fabric, its material composition, its weight, its stand number, table number, and position. The buyer then has the choice between saving the product to a fabrics library, or adding it to the shopping list.

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