Full screen mobile video ads will soon be launched on Facebook

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The social network is adding this feature to the smaller screen versions of its experience. When it comes to mobile video ads, Facebook is hoping to make this social media marketing experience considerably larger and more interactive as it brings the full screen experience to smartphones and tablets. This move is the next big step to hit the Facebook video experience after auto play was added in December 2014. The company is now experimenting with full display mobile video ads to further enhance its social media marketing experience. This will…

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Half of all revenues from mobile ads go to Google and Facebook

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Last year, 50 percent of all revenues from smartphone and tablet based advertising went to these two giants. While Google still holds the position as the top earner through mobile ads, Facebook is quickly on the rise and is now starting to move into the territory that had previously been held by the top search engine. Together, however, the share of the mobile advertising market of the two companies is 50 percent. At a time in which the smartphone based advertising market has never been hotter, that 50 percent share…

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Social media marketing options from Facebook open to all advertisers

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The company has now announced that its “Audience Network” mobile ad platform to all developers and marketers. Facebook has now taken another leap in its mobile social media marketing businesses and is working to give its options and revenues through the channel accessed by smartphone and tablet users. This opens up yet another opportunity for mobile marketing firms interested in using Facebook to its fullest. Facebook’s Audience Network was first announced as a new tool for businesses to use social media marketing with ad targeting features that advertise more effectively…

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Facebook finds success through as stronger focus on mobile marketing

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Facebook sees the majority of its marketing revenue come from the mobile space Facebook is finding a great deal of success thanks to a stronger focus on the mobile space. The social media company has announced that it has made more than $5.4 billion in revenue during the second quarter of this year, a 61% increase over the same period of 2013. Advertising accounted for $2.68 billion of this revenue, with mobile advertising accounting for 62% of this revenue. The company is quickly on its way to becoming a very…

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