Eftpos seeks to unify mobile payments

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Mobile commerce competition may soon be a thing of the past The mobile commerce field is currently awash with a variety of services that are attempting to capture the attention of consumers. Competition among these services is fierce as mobile commerce is seen to have a very promising and lucrative future. The multitude of services available to consumers has created an environment in which no single mobile commerce platform is considered to be mainstream. In Australia, a mobile payments firm is seeking to create some unity in the competitive field.…

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New partnership seeks to expand mobile commerce in Australia

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Commonwealth Bank, Samsung, and MasterCard form new partnership Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has partnered with MasterCard and Samsung Electronics Australia in order to provide consumers with new mobile commerce services based on NFC technology. The partnership is meant to further encourage the adoption of mobile commerce throughout the country as well as increase the focus on Samsung’s line of NFC-enabled devices. NFC devices are needed if consumers want to make use of services that are based on this technology. Thus far, Samsung is one of the very few device makers that…

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Google Wallet facing a turbulent future in mobile commerce

Google Wallet

Google Wallet facing criticism regarding security features Google has been working to establish itself as a major force in the burgeoning mobile commerce industry. The company has been among the first of its kind to produce a mobile payment application, called Google Wallet. The Wallet was released last year and was highly anticipated amongst the company’s fans. The application quickly made headlines for its lackluster security features, however, which straddled Google with a great deal of criticism because it had touted the applications security features before release. Commonwealth Bank denounces…

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Kaching now available for Android mobile devices

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Commonwealth Banks expands the availability of mobile commerce app Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has announced that its Kaching mobile payment application is now available for Android mobile devices. The mobile payment application was launched nearly seven months ago for the iOS platform. Following initial success, the Commonwealth Bank determined that the application would be a welcome tool for Android users. The application makes use of NFC technology to enable consumers to conduct mobile payments for goods and services. The Kaching app may find success with the Android platform due to the…

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News Corp. adopts augmented reality to engage Australian consumers

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Interactive technology may be able to help the print industry appeal to a new generation Augmented reality has been causing a stir in the print industry, particularly among newspapers that are looking for a competitive edge to keep readers interested. News Corporation, one of the world’s largest news organizations and publisher of newspapers, has taken a keen interest in augmented reality recently. The company is not the first in its industry to make use of augmented reality and will not likely be the last as the technology allows newspapers to…

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