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Commonwealth Banks expands the availability of mobile commerce app

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has announced that its Kaching mobile payment application is now available for Android mobile devices. The mobile payment application was launched nearly seven months ago for the iOS platform. Following initial success, the Commonwealth Bank determined that the application would be a welcome tool for Android users. The application makes use of NFC technology to enable consumers to conduct mobile payments for goods and services. The Kaching app may find success with the Android platform due to the higher availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices that platform has over the iOS.

Mobile commerce gaining ground in Australia

Mobile commerce has been gaining momentum in Australia as more consumers become aware of NFC technology and its capabilities. Consumers are becoming enamored with the concept of being able to make payments using their mobile devices. With smart phone ownership on the rise in Australia, the Commonwealth Bank, which has invested heavily in NFC technology and mobile commerce, believes that consumers will be more accommodating of new applications that enable them to replace physical currency with their mobile devices.

Kaching expected to find success with Android devices with native NFC support

The Kaching app has been available for the iOS platform for some time. No current versions of the iPhone support NFC technology inherently, meaning they require a third-party system to facilitate mobile payments through the application. The Android platform currently has the most NFC-enabled mobile devices available to consumers. Using the Kaching app, Android users can link their Commonwealth Bank accounts to their smart phones and make purchases at locations that support mobile commerce.

Commonwealth Bank to limit initial availability of Kaching app

Currently, the Commonwealth Bank will limit the availability of the Kaching application to Samsung and HTC mobile devices. The bank has plans to expand this availability over time to become more inclusive of other brands.

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