Mobile marketing messages seen as irrelevant by consumers

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

Almost half of all of their recipients felt that these communications were useless, contrary to what marketers thought. According to new research that was recently released, almost half of all consumers feel that the mobile marketing messages that they receive are not as useful or relevant as retailers and marketers believe. This newly released research showed that 42 percent of U.K. consumers feel that these communications are not useful. The research was conducted by Oxygen8 Group, which found that nearly half of British consumers feel that the mobile marketing messages…

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Mobile marketing levels are breaking records in the UK

mobile marketing

Research conducted by the IAB has shown that advertising over smartphones and tablets is rising fast. The latest data released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed that mobile marketing is exploding in the United Kingdom, and that it has now reached levels that have never before been achieved. Last year, the United Kingdom saw a tripling in the amount of money spent to advertise to smartphone users. That number had already gone well beyond the previous record levels in this rapidly accelerating advertising channel. Now, mobile marketing has…

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Mobile marketing award won by IMImobile and British Gas

m-commerce award

The acknowledgement was given for the best mobile CRM/Enterprise message campaign. It has just been announced that IMImobile, one of the leading providers of specialized smartphone and tablet data platforms and services to enterprises and telecom operators worldwide, is the recipient of one of the top Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. These coveted awards are a celebration of the best advertising and promotion campaigns and solutions. They acknowledge the best solutions and campaigns, worldwide, that are designed for mobile marketing implementation. This Most Effective CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign award was handed to…

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UK mobile marketing retailers report receives IBISWorld update


The industry research firm has updated its cell phone advertising forecast report. Retailers that use mobile marketing in the United Kingdom have seen a number of challenges with the channel and it has been predicted that over the next five years beyond 2012 to 2013 will experience a 5.1 percent annualized decline. This, even though consumer demand has been continuing to grow. One of the primary problems is that the revenue growth is being impacted by the increase in competition among the various operators, which has led average cell phone…

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