Mobile marketing award won by IMImobile and British Gas

m-commerce award

mobile marketing awardThe acknowledgement was given for the best mobile CRM/Enterprise message campaign.

It has just been announced that IMImobile, one of the leading providers of specialized smartphone and tablet data platforms and services to enterprises and telecom operators worldwide, is the recipient of one of the top Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.

These coveted awards are a celebration of the best advertising and promotion campaigns and solutions.

They acknowledge the best solutions and campaigns, worldwide, that are designed for mobile marketing implementation. This Most Effective CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign award was handed to IMImobile for the work that it created with British Gas. It was specifically awarded for the Appointment Reminder Service, which was created using the next generation CRM technology from IMImobile in order to assist British Gas in their strategy for handling call avoidance though an automated voicemail and personalized SMS to achieve proactive customer communication.

British Gas has experienced considerable successes as a result of the mobile marketing strategy.

It has noted that its overall loyalty and customer experience have undergone a notable improvement, while its efficiencies have been enhanced. This has allowed for the reduction of churn and a meaningful savings in operating costs.

After having received the mobile marketing award, IMImobile managing director, Jay Patel, said that “We are honored to be recognized by the industry for our solution, it delivers real business benefits to British Gas and shows how effective the mobile channel can be.” He also went on to say that “As consumer behavior evolves with the latest mobile technologies, it becomes critical for businesses to seamlessly embrace these changes and ensure that mobile communications are used throughout the customer lifecycle.” According to Patel, his company has a set of platforms and tools that make it possible for mobile marketing to achieve quick and efficient engagement.

The British Gas Home Services head of consumer experience, Helen Wallace expressed that her company is in an ongoing search for opportunities for the enhancement of the customer experience in combination with boosting the efficiency of their operations. They were “delighted” with the results and recognition for this mobile marketing campaign.

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