Augmented reality technology is at the heart of Apple’s future

apple iphone ipad mac augmented reality technology

In a lengthy interview, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, revealed that AR will be a “core” tech for the company. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed augmented reality technology will become a “core” tech for the iPhone maker. He explained that the company was already “high on AR for the long run.” Cook also said “AR can be huge.” These statements have given a shot in the arm to rumors circulating that products using this tech are in development. The Washington Post recently received a lengthy interview from Cook. In it, he…

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Augmented reality wedding invitations may enhance the guest experience

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For people who like tech nearly as much as they love each other, ALIVE could add that special touch. For people who truly want their weddings to be an affair to remember, and for those who adore the use of technology, new augmented reality wedding cards, such as invitations, could make all the difference in impressing guests who will be in attendance. AR tech worked right into a wedding invitation can help to set the tone for a truly unique experience. The augmented reality wedding cards are a product called…

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Augmented reality art coming to Sacramento

Augmented reality in art

Collaboration seeks to put a high-tech twist on art The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento State University, and the Greater Broadway Partnership District, have joined together to launch an ambitious projects that seeks to combine technology and art. These organizations have provided a $20,000 grant to 11 artists from throughout the country. These artists are coming to Sacramento, California, in order to create public art using augmented reality technology. This art will be found on the city’s Broadway corridor, which has long been home to various art projects, independent and…

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Augmented reality glasses could revolutionize gaming

Augmented Reality Glasses - AR and Education

Augmented reality and gaming begin to mingle Augmented reality is beginning to gain momentum in the game industry. The technology has long been associated with entertainment, favored for its interactive and dynamic nature. Recently, however, technology firms from around the world have begun to develop augmented reality eyewear that could, quite literally, change the way people see the world around them. Such projects have implications for gaming as well as social networking and entertainment in general. Two former employees of acclaimed game developer and publisher Valve believe that augmented reality…

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Pioneer unveils new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality begins getting practical Augmented reality is making strong progress in the entertainment and gaming fields, but the technology is beginning to see some practical use as well, especially when it comes to transportation and navigation. Augmented reality has, to some extent, been used in the past when it comes to navigation, but the technology’s capabilities have been somewhat limited until very recently. Prominent technology developer Pioneer has been working on a new augmented reality system t hat could effectively change the way people drive. Pioneer shows off new…

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