Augmented reality art coming to Sacramento

Augmented reality in art

Collaboration seeks to put a high-tech twist on art

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento State University, and the Greater Broadway Partnership District, have joined together to launch an ambitious projects that seeks to combine technology and art. These organizations have provided a $20,000 grant to 11 artists from throughout the country. These artists are coming to Sacramento, California, in order to create public art using augmented reality technology. This art will be found on the city’s Broadway corridor, which has long been home to various art projects, independent and otherwise.

Digital art can be seen using a mobile device

The art pieces will take various forms, ranging from sculptures to paintings and everything in between. Each piece will have its own augmented reality experience, which can be accessed through the use of a smartphone or tablet. Some of the art pieces that will take form on Broadway will be completely invisible to the naked eye because they will be entirely digital. These pieces can only be experienced through a mobile device.

Augmented reality in artArt is becoming more reliant on technology

Similar digital art initiatives have been launched in New York in the past. Such projects are generally meant to engage young people who have become irrevocably tethered to mobile technology. The use of augmented reality is often considered to be an effective tool in capturing the interest of these people and directing their attention to works of art. Many artists are becoming more reliant on technology as well, meaning that augmented reality is beginning to become more common in artistic works.

AR may become a powerful tool for ambitious artists

The project in Sacramento is quite ambitious and is meant, like others of its kind, to create a more engaging experience with artwork. Dynamic engagement has long been a goal for many artists, but some have struggled to create pieces that a tech-savvy crowd can connect with. Augmented reality may help these artists accomplish their goals by allowing them to create engaging experiences.

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