Augmented reality wedding invitations may enhance the guest experience

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For people who like tech nearly as much as they love each other, ALIVE could add that special touch.

For people who truly want their weddings to be an affair to remember, and for those who adore the use of technology, new augmented reality wedding cards, such as invitations, could make all the difference in impressing guests who will be in attendance.

AR tech worked right into a wedding invitation can help to set the tone for a truly unique experience.

The augmented reality wedding cards are a product called ALIVE Wedding, which is among the latest offerings to have been created by Times Internet Limited. If anything is for certain, by adding this feature to the design of the invitations and other elements of the celebration, people will be discussing the experience with everyone they know. The service gives the bride and groom to be the ability to customize their invitations in an entirely new and digital way.

The product incorporates augmented reality technology into the actual traditional paper greeting.

Wedding augmented realityThis personal touch means that a printed invitation becomes a source of digital information. When combined with the use of a smartphone or tablet, audio and video elements can be worked right into the card. The couple can therefore, record audio or video messages that can be shared with the recipient of the invitations so that they can be viewed through the use of their mobile devices.

The service is being offered on the company’s Alive Studio platform, which provides a kind of user friendly do it yourself process that generates an AR experience to be shared through the wedding invitations. Other features that are also offered through this platform includes reminders about the wedding, a venue locator, and a Wish the Couple service.

According to the Times Internet director of telecom, Ajay Vaishnavi, these augmented reality enhanced cards give couples the ability to add a wow factor to the guest experience for their wedding. He stated that “ALIVE Wedding cards is going to add a new dimension to regular wedding invitation cards and will offer an innovative solution to users. Our aim is to extend the power of Augmented Reality to the end-user.”

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