Ravensburger unveils augmented reality puzzles during Appletics event

Augmented reality-Ravensburge puzzles

Augmented reality-Ravensburge puzzles

Augmented reality catches the attention of Ravensburger

Ravensburger, a German game company specializing in jigsaw puzzles, was in attendance during this week’s Appletics event in Greenwich, UK, where a number of technology startups gathered to show off their latest mobile applications. Though Ravensburger has long inhabited the physical realm, the game company has begun expanding into the digital world more aggressively in recent years. Augmented reality has caught the attention of the company, which believes the technology could be used for a new generation of interactive puzzles.

Puzzles could become more dynamic through the use of interactive technology

During the event, Ravensburger showed off its new augmented reality puzzles. The puzzles are currently designed to work with the iOS platform. Using a mobile application, consumers will gain access to a number of jigsaw puzzles that will include a wide variety of digital content. Each puzzle box features a picture of representing what the puzzle will look like when it is completed. The iOS application changes this picture when a mobile device is directed its way.


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Augmented reality provides users with new experiences

Using augmented reality, the application creates an interactive display based upon a particular picture associated with a puzzle. For instance, the application will transform a day-time photo of Paris into an aerial view of the city. This new image will contain a variety of context-sensitive augmented reality experiences that will provide users with information concerning some of the popular locations that can be found in the city.

Technology may be enough to make puzzles popular with new generation

Ravensburger expects that augmented reality will quickly become a popular aspect of its future puzzles. The technology may serve to make the company’s puzzles more popular with a new generation that is well known for its love of technology. The application used for the puzzles is called AR Puzzle, and is currently available through the iTunes store.

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