Augmented reality could be a boon for travelers

Augmented reality

Augmented reality- for travelers

Technology may solve some of the base problems with traveling to foreign countries

Augmented reality may be an effective way for the tourism industry to engage frequent travelers. The technology has already proven itself to be a popular marketing and entertainment tool. In the wake of this success, the technology is beginning to expand beyond these two industries. Augmented reality may be an effective way to solve a problem that has long run rampant throughout the entirety of the tourism industry: Unfamiliarity. Unfamiliarity can often leave travelers with a sour experience when abroad, a prospect that could damage a country’s tourism industry.

Hong Kong Tourism Board believes augmented reality will help travelers enjoy their experience

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has identified augmented reality as an effective way to put an end to unfamiliarity. Travelers finding themselves in a foreign environment can easily feel overwhelmed by their surroundings. Without a firm grasp of the country’s native language, customs, or culture, these travelers can, at times, be the source of ridicule from locals or find themselves lost in an unfamiliar city.


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Augmented reality application to be part of the DiscoverHongKong series

In 2011, the Hong Kong Tourism Board launched the DiscoverHongKong application series through its partnership with Cathay Pacific Airways. The series is meant to provide travelers with access to applications that will provide them with the information they need to enjoy Hong Kong and its various attractions. Thus far, the applications included in the series have proven successful. Now the tourism board is looking to incorporate augmented reality technology to enhance the effectiveness of its future tourism applications.

App designed for Hong Kong’s outlaying islands

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has announced that it is developing and augmented reality application that is designed to help travelers tour the outlaying islands that are located further to the East. The application will provide consumers with a wealth of information concerning the islands as well as provide them with directions to local attractions. The application is expected to be available within the coming months.

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