QR code transactions allow Belgian retail shoppers to complete mobile payments

wallet qr code transactions mobile payments

In the country, using smartphones to scan barcodes to complete purchases is spiking in popularity.

For a reason that has not been clearly identified, QR code transactions have been taking off in Belgium. In some places, this type of barcode based mobile payment has become popular due to Bitcoin adoption. However, that is not the case here.

The main active payment service provider in the country, Atos, has now launched a service to suit this trend.

Atos launched a new SmartPay function by way of its subsidiary, Worldline. Smartpay allows consumers to complete QR code transactions when buying products or services in brick and mortar shops.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin has been trying to get QR codes to take off for a number of years, that has never taken hold in the country. Other mobile payment providers have been sitting back and watching, only recently bringing the quick response codes into their own offerings. Atos is a significant name in the payments industry in Belgium. Worldline issues card statements for business and individual debit and credit cards.

Still, it looks like the QR code transactions from Worldline have appealed in a way rivals haven’t until now.

wallet qr code transactions mobile paymentsPrior to this mobile payments service, few stores in Belgium had been adopting quick response code tech. In fact, across the entire country, there had been only around 130 locations accepting these barcode scans to complete payment transactions. This is expected to undergo a massive change very soon as a range of brands unveil their support.

Among those brands are: Inno, Delhaize, and Quick. They are among the largest chains in the entire country. It is Quick that is drawing the largest amount of attention. The reason is because it is a chain of fast food restaurants that has been taking off in popularity at an explosive rate.

The use of QR code transactions has the potential to speed up the process of buying and paying for food at those quick service restaurants. It could also further reduce the need to carry cash in the country. It should be noted that this service does not support NFC technology, which is a powerful deviation from the trend with many larger mobile wallets worldwide.

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