Resident Evil 7 QR code may offer more clues

Resident Evil 7 QR Code in mirror - Biohazard

A quick response code found in a mirror is among the latest hidden clues popping up in the game demo.

A Resident Evil 7 QR code has become one of the very latest clues being released in the demo of the game. Many of the clues have been challenging to find, but gamers are loving them. They’ve become a worthwhile challenge.

Other clues found within the game include hidden voices as well as reversible audio.

The maker of the game, Capcom, has gone to great lengths to ensure players use the demo to its fullest. The clues hidden throughout the game make certain players leave no stone unturned. The latest clue – the Resident Evil 7 QR code – has caused the greatest excitement so far. To use it, players need a copy of the game demo and a QR code scanner.

The Resident Evil 7 QR code appears in a mirror reflection within the farmhouse found in the game demo.

Resident Evil 7 QR Code in mirror - BiohazardThe QR code is well hidden because when you first see the farmhouse mirror it just looks a bit dirty. This makes it challenging to spot the quick response code. However, a few players have been able to show that it is actually a barcode that is usable.

Early reports say the QR codes are not easy to scan. That said, some gamers have successfully scanned them. Reportedly, a successful scan directs mobile device users to a pharmaceutical site called Assaypro.


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The Assaypro logo looks similar to that of the Umbrella Corporation. That said, there are some differences. The Umbrella Corporation has eight triangles. The Assaypro has only six triangles. Furthermore, the two logos are different in color. Still, the resemblance can’t be missed.

Even more resemblances exist between the advertised company and the fictional one. Both companies are providers of immunological kits and reagents. This makes for some rather strategic mobile marketing through this popular game demo. The Assaypro site has been causing significant confusion among gamers. It has a relatively inactive Facebook page and sells high value items to the public. The true meaning behind this company and its link to Resident Evil has yet to be revealed.

Gamers have offered some tips to successfully scan the codes. The main one is to look for dots in the mirror before aiming a reader app at the Resident Evil 7 QR code.

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