QR code technology used to help event planners manage seating

QR code - Event Planning

The quick response tech was designed to make it easier for event planners and attendees alike.

An event management software company called Eventdex recently announced the launch of a new QR code application to support efficient seating management, table location, and event check-ins.

Event attendees can use the technology by scanning a barcode, checking in and finding their seats.

Event attendees simply need to use their smartphones to scan a QR code at the event. From there, they can check in and are provided with their table and seat information. Simultaneously, event planners can use the technology to make the entire check-in process much simpler, while having regular instant access to detailed information regarding tables and seating.

QR code on phone screen - dining table

The quick response barcode technology also makes it possible for multiple people from the same company to check in simultaneously, instead of having to line up for individual check ins. This additional feature helps to provide a smoother experience at large events such as annual dinners, award ceremonies and galas, among others.

The QR code feature can be generated with customizable design elements to better brand the experience.

For instance, organizers can choose different font styles, background colors, images, and other customizable components. Aside from the appearance of the barcode itself, using the barcode in combination with the software makes it possible to dynamically adjust table assignments in real time. The barcodes automatically update with any changes.

Organizers using the main admin portal provided by Eventdex gain access to make real time changes to the table assignments and QR codes. Moreover, there is a round table feature that makes it possible for table numbers to be visually assigned while administrators can apply seat numbers for venues in which that is appropriate, such as in theaters.

The QR code technology was selected for this purpose because it is fast, easy and affordable to use, and is highly recognizable by attendees who are familiar with scanning them with their phones. Moreover, by using the barcodes, seating arrangements can be updated at the last moment without requiring any changes to printed signage, reducing the risk of confusion.

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