iPhone battery replacement: how much will it help?

iphone battery life

Exploring Options for iPhone Battery Replacement: Costs, Locations, and DIY Alternatives

Daily use of the device exhausts its internal parts. All parts gradually become unusable. One of these parts is the battery. It is the battery that is subjected to heavy loads and loses its life expectancy the fastest. 

Weather conditions and temperature changes affect battery life. Full-loaded tasks put additional strain on the device. Watching videos in high resolution, playing 3D games and other computing processes require a good amount of power. But even if the phone is used only for talking and sending messages, you have to charge it once a day. That’s not talking about short-term recharges. They also affect battery life. 

Apple does not hide the fact that the battery depletes first. This resource is rated for 500 cycles and more. But the manufacturer guarantees quality work only based on this indicator. Of course, your device will work for a long time, but the level of quality will already be lower. The charge level will be more quickly depleted, and the charging process itself will not reach its maximum. A useful feature of Apple products is the battery life test. The company says that the best experience users get is between 100 and 80 percent. Beyond that, they don’t guarantee stability or performance. Even the iPhone itself will inform the user that the number of warranty cycles has been exhausted and suggest that they go to a service center for a replacement.iPhone battery replacement and is it worth it

Benefit or detriment of replacing the battery

Putting a new part on your phone is definitely a good idea. But it can cost a lot of money. For this reason, many phone owners want to sell used electronics when the battery becomes unusable. The main question remains replace battery or get a new phone.

Warranty service is available if the battery damage for technical reasons that have nothing to do with the user’s actions. However, this service does not cover the replacement of the battery at the end of the cycle. 

The price of battery replacement depends on several factors:

  • The age of the phone. There is an interesting phenomenon present in this question. Replacing the battery on the latest model may be expensive, but it won’t be cheap on older models either.
  • Phone model. To replace the battery, the device will have to be disassembled, repaired and reassembled. During this procedure, there are certain difficulties and peculiarities. It is only worth saying that on some devices it is done easily, while on others it is harder. In any case, it should be done by a master.
  • The manufacturer’s official service center can be expensive. The manufacturer may also recommend partners to perform this action. These companies are authorized to perform this action while maintaining the warranty. Most likely, the price of the service will be cheaper. How much lower will depend on individual features.
  • Unofficial service center. Some organizations also fix phones and change batteries. They do not do this under warranty, and the existing warranty becomes invalid after repair in such a place. These places also have experts. An unofficial warranty may be available from such service centers.

Owners decide for themselves, what is the best way to replace my iphone’s battery. The responsibility always on the consumer. iPhone battery replacement and should you buy a new phone

Replace the battery or replace the phone

This question issues many users and divides them into two camps. One part of users argues that it is necessary to buy a new phone. They say that replacement is a short-term solution. 

Another part of users says that there is nothing wrong with replacing the battery. It’s a great way to extend the life of your device for several years to come. They say that buying a new phone is a waste of money.

In fact, both sides are partially right. Everything depends on the specific conditions faced by users. If the phone model has not yet lost its relevance and performs the necessary functions, it is good. There is no point in spending money on a new device. If the model of the device has already become backward by the standards of technological progress, replacing the battery will not change the situation.

One of the reasons for rapid battery failure in such cases is a heavy workload. Applications and services require a lot of power. It is not excluded that the processor of the phone works hard to fulfill the tasks. So replacing the battery will not change the situation. Daily tasks will also quickly ruin it. In this case, it makes sense to get a new model.

Users make decisions based on their individual conditions and views. But remember that time will come, and your device will no longer be relevant. This will be the moment of its complete replacement.

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