PayPal QR codes roll out at Munich Airport

PayPal QR codes - person watching plane in airport

The first European airport has now launched the quick response codes for mobile payments.

Munich is now home to the first European airport to launch PayPal QR codes. These allow travelers and employees of the airport to use mobile payments at all the shops and Eurotrade retail subsidiaries.

There are 41 shops in the retail section of the Munich Airport, all of which use the barcode.

The types of retailer using mobile payments through PayPal QR codes include everything from news, fashion brands, jewelry and watches. All customers need to do is use their smartphones to display the quick response codes for scanning at the stores. In this way, they can pay for their purchases without the need of cash or card readers – contactless or otherwise.

“Again we were pioneers in the introduction of innovations such as payment systems,” said Eurotrade Handels-GmbH managing director Sven Zahn, as quoted by “The option of contact-free payment via a QR code means further growth in service quality and security for Munich Airport, especially in times like these.”

The rollout of the PayPal QR codes was accelerated by the pandemic and the need for contact-free options.

“The pandemic accelerated the demand for touch-free payment options. With our new integrated QR code solution, we are offering an ideal answer to this demand, especially for large enterprises and retail chains,” explained PayPal Germany, Austria and Switzerland managing director Jörg Kablitz.

The quick response barcodes are being streamlined into the existing, secured checkout systems at the various retail locations. Customers can open their PayPal app and show their unique barcode at the checkout counter of one of the retail stores in the Munich airport. From there, a retail employee can scan the code using their existing system to complete the transaction.

According to Munich Airport head of commercial activities Rainer Beeck, the location’s “commitment as a 5-star Airport” includes “part of its travel retail.”

PayPal QR codes - person watching plane in airportBoth Fiserve and PayPal have helped in creating a seamless experience with the PayPal QR codes. This way, the airport and all its retailers can offer more contactless options for completing payment transactions.

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