Most device users don’t use the auto-rotate function

Auto-rotate function - person using Android Phone

A recent survey by Android Authority found that the option is slipping from use.

Auto-rotate was once one of the most commonly used and appreciated features that came with Android-based smartphones. That said, this feature appears to have dropped in popularity as device users now report that they typically shut the feature off.

Some smartphone users reported turning it off from the moment they set up their new devices.

Android phones now have a other intuitive options that make it easier for users to choose when they would like to change the direction of their display. As a result, the need to use the auto-rotate function isn’t there and people are turning it off. That option remains, of course, in the quick toggle section, though it is being used to a decreasing extent, as was demonstrated by a recent Android Authority survey.

The survey was conducted online on May 7. It accumulated over 4,800 by the time the results were tallied and published on the site. This poll specified that it was referring to the feature located in the quick toggle section only, and not the small prompt that appears when some devices are turned in a different orientation. Some phones also have an option to change the orientation of the screen when viewing a picture, but it was also specified in the poll that this was not to be included.

Only the auto-rotate function in the quick toggle or system settings were to be considered for this purpose.

The results of the survey showed that far more than half – 60.69 percent – of respondents said that they shut off that function on their phones. Participants were provided the option to leave a comment to explain their choice. According to many of the comments, Android device users prefer the small intuitive prompt or even a third-party app instead of using the general option provided in the main phone settings.

Auto-rotate function - person using Android PhoneThat said, more than a third – 39.31 percent – of the survey respondents said that they still used the classic auto-rotate function on their devices. The comments from those users revealed that this was the preference primarily among device users who regularly view photos, watch videos and look at documents.

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