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Apple draws more attention to Passbook application

The world of m-commerce news is awash with speculation over whether Apple’s iPhone 5 will actually be equipped with NFC technology. Leaked images of the device suggest that this will be the case, but Apple has been silent on the issue. The technology company has been drawing more attention to the Passbook application that will be a prominent feature of the iOS 6, however. Passbook will include a variety of features that are meant to make a mobile device a viable replacement for a physical wallet. This puts Apple in direct competition with Google, which has been attempting to do the same with its Google Wallet application.

Passbook to serve as replacement for traditional wallets

According to information from Apple, Passbook will be able to store movie tickets, train passes, event tickets, and a wide variety of related materials digitally. This information can be quickly accessed through a smart phone or an NFC terminal. The features the Passbook boasts of are something that Google had wanted to include in the Google Wallet for some time. Though the Google Wallet launched last year, it has not been able to succeed in its purpose to replace physical wallets.

Google Wallet to be upgraded in the near future

Google recently announced that the Google Wallet will soon be upgraded to store items that would normally be kept in a physical wallet. The technology company wants consumers to use the Google Wallet as a way to store a vast assortment of cards that they typically use on a regular basis. The information contained on these cards can be accessed and used with the help of NFC technology. In this aspect, both the Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook are fundamentally similar, though how they get the job done has yet to be seen.

Google already has a head start over Apple

Google has an advantage over Apple in that its wallet application was launched last year. Google has been able to improve upon the application since its launch and has made it more secure and attractive to consumers. The Passbook will be Apple’s first foray into the world of NFC technology and the company may yet have a great deal to learn about security and usability.

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