QR codes are a natural complement to mcommerce coupons

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

Discount programs are highly effective when used in conjunction with quick response barcodes.

Though the actual use of coupons isn’t anything new, and even QR codes are reaching the point that they’ve been around long enough to be a part of mainstream mcommerce, what is only just being discovered is how well these two techniques work together.

Consumers clearly enjoy receiving offers for discounts, and smartphones only add convenience.

Coupons are an opportunity that both merchants and consumers can enjoy and that brings them both benefits. Consumers are able to use them to save money, while merchants can draw more shoppers and can therefore increase sales.

QR codes can help to bring coupons to consumers through the devices that they always have with them.

One of the biggest struggles with coupons is that they have become awkward. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, many consumers aren’t interested in having to leaf through all of their flyers and clip out all of the coupons they want, so that they can carry them around with them everywhere they go until they need to dig them out at the cash register, slowing down the entire checkout process (that is, assuming that the little piece of paper hasn’t gone missing along the way).

With QR codes, the discount offer can be obtained instantly with the mobile device, where it is stored for easy use when the customer reaches the checkout counter. There is no risk of losing a small square of paper, as the coupons are all stored and filed in a single location on a device that the shopper never leaves home without.

This has allowed coupons to experience a significant comeback, in a world where there use had been fading significantly. This is simply because it has allowed mobile marketers to bring convenience back to their use. Couponing isn’t fussy anymore when it’s digital. It has even stepped up above online coupons that still required consumers to have to print out the offer and bring it with them.

When it comes to offering coupons to today’s consumers, QR codes are the perfect solution to improve the process as a whole.

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