New Scan QR code marketing landing pages increase their value for businesses

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

QR Code marketing

Brands and companies can achieve greater benefit from the barcodes

Google Ventures backed has taken a new tack to try to bring greater value to QR code marketing for companies and brands alike.

To do this, Scan Pages has been launched.

These are very basic web pages that allow a consumer to scan a barcode located at a business itself, on a card, or virtually anywhere else, so that they can be directed to a form of relevant jumping off point. It is a highly useful and meaningful new way of looking at where the user is taken once the two dimensional barcode has been scanned. Instead of simply launching the website of the company (whether mobile optimized or not), it sends the user to a page that allows them to obtain the information they’re actually seeking in a more friendly and relevant way.

These pages give the business a crisp, clean, easy to use way to brand themselves.

Furthermore, they make a very clear call to action. For example, customers can use these pages to head directly to a mobile commerce shopping experience, or they can simply contact the company in order to find out the hours of business, or how to get to the nearest location. For example, following a scan, it would take a single tap for a user to access a restaurant’s menu, even if the standard website is not friendly to smartphones.

Moreover, the pages can create a direct link to sites where the company or brand can be shared, such as at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, or Yelp. This makes it very simple for users to interact with the brand, instead of having to actively seek out the buttons on the page for the brand or copy and paste the URL into their social network’s updates.

The founder of Scan, Garrett Gee, explained that his company is working to create the full QR code marketing experience, from beginning to end, so that the consumer will feel as though he or she has held a conversation with a brand. This dramatically changes the way that the barcodes are currently experienced, as, at the moment, their use has been rather limited.


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