QR codes mystery in Montgomery has been solved

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

The sudden appearance of large quick response barcodes in the downtown area has been tracked to its source. On March 28, Mobile Commerce News first reported that there were QR codes popping up all over the downtown area of Montgomery, Alabama, and that mystery has now been solved now that the owners of the barcodes have been identified. As it turns out, these mystery barcodes were displayed to promote a seminar that was to be held in the area. The mystery was causing a number of raised brows in the…

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New Scan QR code marketing landing pages increase their value for businesses

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

Brands and companies can achieve greater benefit from the barcodes Google Ventures backed Scan.me has taken a new tack to try to bring greater value to QR code marketing for companies and brands alike. To do this, Scan Pages has been launched. These are very basic web pages that allow a consumer to scan a barcode located at a business itself, on a card, or virtually anywhere else, so that they can be directed to a form of relevant jumping off point. It is a highly useful and meaningful new…

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Interesting and innovative forms of QR code marketing

Unique QR Codes

Unique QR codes are popping up all over the place. With the growing popularity of two dimensional barcodes to be scanned by mobile devices, QR code marketing is beginning to pop up everywhere we look. For example, Zeodia is now using the scans to help to play videos and slide shows that are available on any hard copy. This video creation technology utilizes the bar codes on a new form of advertising effort through visual displays of brands and products that include engaging videos, which can provided a great deal…

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Flash mob uses QR codes to promote spur-the-moment art gallery

QR Code Art

Last week, strange postcards began showing up in Portland, Oregon. The cards are tagged with a “Party Arty” slogan as well as a QR code. The code, when scanned with a smart phone, resolves to a mobile website that lists an address, date and time. While it all seems very cryptic, it is, in fact, a campaign sponsored by LynkSnap, a mobile technology company, and 40 artists from around the world. The campaign promotes an improvised art gallery that opened last week. QR codes have become quite popular tools for…

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