Mobile shopping is loved by U.S. moms

mom mobile commerce

The results of a new survey have revealed that American mothers are buying over smartphones more than ever.

BabyCenter has now released the results of a survey that has shown that the proportion of American moms who take part in mobile shopping to buy the products and services they need has experienced a dramatic spike over the last year.

There were 1,117 women over the age of 18 who took part in the survey conducted by the pregnancy and parenting site.

The participants were all either pregnant or were already mothers of at least one child. All of the participants were smartphone owners. What the survey determined was that among all the moms who took part in the survey, 64 percent had completed at least one mobile shopping purchase over their device within the previous month. Comparatively, the same figure from the year before was a much lower 48 percent.

According to BabyCenter, the results of the survey show that mobile shopping has come to “a major turning point.”

mom mobile commerceMoms aren’t just using their smartphones for mobile commerce in terms of buying the item. They are also using these features for comparing prices and finding discounts such as through digital coupons. This, to a greater degree than ever before.


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The poll showed that there was even greater emphasis on the changes in mom behaviors with regards to using mobile devices to shop, as it determined that about 70 percent had already used their smartphones to look up items while they were already standing within a physical store. Moreover, 48 percent claimed that they would buy the items online over their smartphones if they were not able to locate the item within the store when they had gone to buy it in person.

Another forty percent of the participants said that they felt more likely to use mobile shopping when one-click purchasing was available. Another feature that has become quite important as an m-commerce draw among moms is scanning. Among the respondents, 55 percent said that they had purchased an item in-store after they had been able to scan them using their smartphones.

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