Mobile marketing A&W Burger partnership with 3Seventy brings deals to smartphone users

A&W Root Beer SMS Mobile Marketing

A&W Root Beer SMS Mobile Marketing

New SMS campaign for the restaurant franchises includes nearly 200 West Coast locations.

Leading mobile marketing engagement solutions provider, 3Seventy, has just announced that it has launched a new campaign using SMS for Harman Management, which is the owner of almost 200 A&W Burger franchise locations across the West Coast of the United States.

Impressive results have already been recorded, still very early on in the campaign.

Harman Management, along with 3Seventy and AFA Krause Advertising, have recorded the response within the first month of the program as having achieved more than 36,700 opt-ins.

The goal of the mobile marketing effort was to help franchise owners to drive a larger amount of traffic to specific restaurant locations through the use of smartphones. To achieve it, they created an offer for customers using these devices, so that they could use the short code, 70626, and text the keyword BURGER in order to receive a free papa burger at the nearest location.

The response to this offer far exceeded the original expectations.

According to the AFA Krause Advertising account supervisor, Amber Hampshire, “We know SMS coupons are a highly effective way to drive customer response, but are overwhelmed by the success of this mobile campaign.” She pointed out that throughout the last three months, the team at 3Seventy has shown themselves to be dependable, knowledgeable, and rapid to respond, and “most of all results driven”.

The successes from this first campaign using SMS coupons has convinced Harman Management, AFA Krause, and 3Seventy to release a report that includes a case study of the results that they achieved through their efforts. 3Seventy founder and CEO, Carrie Chitsey, feels that this is a very good example of how this type of mobile marketing can be used to obtain instant results and that this particular case is a strong demonstration of the way that it can effectively function within the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

3Seventy mobile marketing continues to work hard with the owners of the franchises in order to build and expand on the SMS solutions that they are using in order to provide even greater value to the consumers and to build on conversion and increase new revenue to the various participating locations.

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