QR code and NFC technology at the heart of latest Elinext m-commerce app

Elinext m commerce

Elinext m commerce

Elinext has announced that it is broadening its capabilities by integrating these mobile tech.

As businesses large and small gravitate toward QR code use for mobile commerce, payments, and marketing purposes, Elinext Group has just revealed that it will also be widening its own capabilities in the development of apps that will uses these barcodes, as well as near field communication (NFC) technology.

It feels that the integration of these innovations is vital to keeping up their competitive edge.

Their primary challenge is to make sure that these technologies are properly used in order to achieve the results they are hoping for. Elinext seems confident, though, as QR code use is already proving highly popular and effective in both mobile and e-commerce, as well as in actual brick-and-mortar locations. This is because they are becoming well recognized and popularly used among smartphone owners – particularly those in the Millennial generation, and are very easy and cost effective to use on both the business and customer end of the communication.

An additional advantage is that quick response codes allow the business to reach the consumer at precisely the time and place that they are seeking information or options for making a decision regarding a purchase.

Similarly, the use of NFC is also on the rise, and Elinext doesn’t want to miss that wave.

According to data obtained by Juniper Research, by 2015, the worldwide use of NFC payments is likely to have reached $74 billion. However, beyond actual transactions for purchases, and ticketing, wider applications are continually being discovered for this contactless technology. Some of the primary fields of focus include security, gaming, and authentication.

The CTO of Elinext Group, Vladimir Antonovich, stated that “We are committed to our mission of providing professional and secure software solutions to clients all over the world. Elinext Group’s highly qualified and dedicated specialists develop mobile apps that deal with different types of barcodes as well as NFC.”

The director of the mobile development department at the company, Maxim Galinouski, added that he is certain that apps for QR code scanning, and solutions using NFC for both tablets and smartphones will soon be gaining significantly greater traction worldwide simply due to the penetration of the necessary technology and the growing awareness by consumers.

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