Mobile friendly websites to become a virtual requirement by Google

Mobile Google search traffic

The search engine giant will be announcing a new massive shake-up that has been dubbed “mobile-geddon”.

Google is getting ready to implement a massive change to its search engine recommendations in order to give more weight to sites that are mobile friendly, and to potentially cause those that haven’t smartphone optimized to experience far more than a slap on the wrist.

This change could make a difference large enough to alter where people are shopping, eating, and learning.

The changes being made by Google are slated to be released tomorrow, Tuesday, and will reveal that search results will give preference to websites that the search engine has defined as being mobile friendly. Websites that are not able to obtain this designation will find themselves losing ground in the search results of smartphone and tablet users. Those that do receive that designation will find themselves crawling upward in the ranking. This is the type of difference that can make a considerable difference when it comes to the number of visitors and the revenue levels of a site.

That said, this has left many companies scrambling at the last moment to make their sites mobile friendly.

google mobile friendly marketingSome companies could find themselves in somewhat of a lurch as they experience a dramatic change in the number of mobile device users who are accessing their pages. Considering the sizeable number of people who are using their smartphones and tablets to be able to surf the web and search for products, stores, restaurants, and other types of information, that could create a massive shake-up.

It is important to note that the new formula won’t be having an impact on searches that are conducted on laptop and desktop computers. That said, as shopping now involves a multi device experience that often starts with mobile commerce and ends in person or over the standard web, if the beginning of a shopping experience starts in a new direction then it could alter where people are spending their money.

This helps to explain why some search experts are calling this mobile friendly search formula by Google a type of mobile-geddon for the companies that have failed to keep up with the trend toward optimization.

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