Making Your Website An Asset, Not A Liability

Social media marketing strategy quality book reviews

Start a business, build a website. They go hand-in-hand. It’s more than just online sellers who need a good site to feed their business. Literally any business can find new customers, stay in contact with established ones, and build their bottom line by operating a good website. But like anything, a website is a two-edged sword. If you don’t handle it correctly, it can cut you deep. There are three major areas where a lack of attention to your website can do more harm than having no website at all.…

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Social media marketing through Twitter gets a boost from Google

social media marketing Twitter Sign In Screen

Marketers can now take advantage of the fact that tweets will be included in the search engine’s results. A recent announcement by Google and Twitter has caused marketers and brands, alike, to take a second look at their social media marketing strategies, as their tweets are now being incorporated into search engine results. Tweets are going to begin showing up in the results that are displayed for queries made in the Google app. Tweets will also work their way into mobile web search results and will soon appear in those…

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Mobile friendly websites to become a virtual requirement by Google

Mobile Google search traffic

The search engine giant will be announcing a new massive shake-up that has been dubbed “mobile-geddon”. Google is getting ready to implement a massive change to its search engine recommendations in order to give more weight to sites that are mobile friendly, and to potentially cause those that haven’t smartphone optimized to experience far more than a slap on the wrist. This change could make a difference large enough to alter where people are shopping, eating, and learning. The changes being made by Google are slated to be released tomorrow,…

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Mobile commerce trends are causing many businesses to fall behind

Mobile Commerce Trends

The 2012 most popular strategies still have some companies scratching their heads. The marketing trends in Mobile commerce are whipping forward at such a dramatic pace, that many businesses – large and small – are left wondering how they ever hope to keep up with the pace. But what they should be asking themselves is if they have taken the steps to use the more established techniques. Instead of allowing themselves to become overwhelmed with the vast universe of opportunities presented by m-commerce, businesses should instead look into the most…

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