Mobile commerce strategy opened by Men’s Wearhouse

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mobile commerce men's wearhouseThe new smartphone friendly website for the company features a Build-a-Tux feature.

The latest announcement from Men’s Wearhouse is that they have just launched a mobile commerce website that will allow shoppers using tablets and smartphones to be able to customize their purchases and obtain deals that are optimized for the smaller screen.

The smartphone friendly website is also designed to provide users with the opportunity for exclusive deals.

The chain retailer has stated that it decided to make a move toward mobile commerce in response to the growing amount of traffic that it is receiving from smartphones and tablets. That said, it declined to release the exact percentage of its traffic that is generated through those devices. The new website allows the Men’s Wearhouse customers to browse through the entire selection of products available through the retailer.

The mobile commerce site also provides a feature to locate the nearest brick and mortar store.

The mobile commerce website has also included a new Build-A-Tux feature, which has been popular on the standard site. This allows shoppers to be able to chose from among 96 different bowtie and vest colors. They can customize the appearance of the tux with the assistance of a number of pre-designed styles. Once an option is created, it can be shared with family and friends using social media as well as e-mail.


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According to the director of e-commerce at Men’s Wearhouse, Kelly Helthall, “The smartphone shopper is extremely important to the future of Men’s Wearhouse.” Helthall added that as a growing number of the company’s customers depend on smartphones to obtain information about products and stores, they feel it has become a necessity to make this content available in that preferred format, saying “Our goal at Men’s Wearhouse is to provide world-class customer service to our customers across all of the channels they choose to shop.”

The smartphone optimized Men’s Wearhouse site was built using Moovweb mobile commerce technology. The cost for the creation and implementation of the website was not revealed. Beyond the Build-A-Tux feature, the website also boasts different view options to minimize scrolling, filtering options to simplify searches, a GPS store finder, a toggle between sizes in Regular and Big & Tall, and exclusive offers and deals.

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