Mobile commerce sales in UK increased in June

UK Mobile Commerce

Spending over tablets has risen considerably and is making a major contribution to this channel’s figures.

According to the latest figures that have been issued regarding mobile commerce sales in the United Kingdom, there have been massive year over year increases recorded when comparing June of this year to that of 2012.

Even the comparison of the sales figures from May to June have shown a very meaningful rise.

The report that was jointly issued by Capgemini and the research firm called the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) has shown that there was a 136 percent year over year increase in mobile commerce sales when looking at June 2013 figures in comparison with those of June 2012. Similarly, when June’s data was compared to the sales that were brought in during May, there was a monstrous rise of 8 percent in that one month period.

UK Mobile Commerce salesEven the conversion rates are skyrocketing over mobile commerce, particularly due to tablet shoppers.

The report indicated that the mobile commerce conversion rate had grown to 2.03 percent during that time period. The report also showed that the online sales, as a whole, increased by 20 percent in the United Kingdom. This is the first time that amount of growth was recorded in the country in half a decade. It surpassed the 17 percent that had been anticipated, as well as the 12 percent that was predicted year over year.

A great deal of the credit for this growth in mobile commerce sales has been pointed directly at the rising number of tablet owners. Tablet sales are increasing at such a rate that it is believed that they will out-sell smartphones in the United Kingdom by the end of this year. This, despite the fact that there are far fewer tablet devices in the marketplace than there are smartphones.

The report has also released a forecast that indicated that by 2017, mobile commerce retail sales would make up 69.9 percent of all purchases made over those devices in the United Kingdom. This would generate a predicted 2.4 times the £5 billion that is expected to be sold by way of smartphones alone.

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