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Clashing technologies could be used for a better purpose

The world of mobile technology often seems at odds with itself. Several factions exist within the world of mobile technology, each of which is keen to point out why their favored device or application is superior to all others. Two subgroups of the industry – those supporting augmented reality and those supporting QR codes – have been feuding for some time. Both technologies have their merits and faults, which has spurred the concept of synergy, especially in the realm of mobile applications.

AR and QR go hand-in-hand

Mobile application synergy is a relatively simple concept. By combining two applications that boast of different features, a new sort of application can be created that can provide consumers with a more enjoyable experience. Augmented reality and QR codes have a particular synergy that makes them ideal for combining together. QR codes, for instance, can contain a large variety of information, including augmented reality content. Scanning these codes can initiate an AR experience. Mobile application synergy is beginning to generate a great deal of attention due how well some mobile technologies work together.


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Combining technologies through mobile apps

Sean Capelle, a guest writer for AppAdvice, a news outlet focused on the wide world of iOS mobile applications, showed how augmented reality and QR codes can be combined to make an interactive card for Father’s Day. Capelle makes use of the Aurasma Lite augmented reality application and the Zapper QR Code Scanner for the project in order to demonstrate mobile application synergy. He then creates an augmented reality experience and attaches it to a QR code. When the code is scanned, the augmented reality card is displayed on the screen of a smart phone or other such device.

Mobile application synergy may bring about more interactive experiences for consumers

Mobile technologies are often pitted against one another due to the competitive nature of their given industries. Synergizing mobile applications can be an effective way to engage an audience clamoring for more interaction, however. Though Capelle’s project was limited in scope, he was able to show that two seemingly conflicting technologies could be used to create an engaging experience.

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