Aurasma celebrates first anniversary

Aurasma AR App

Augmented reality pioneer turns a year old Famed augmented reality developer Aurasma recently celebrated its first anniversary. The company has become a powerful force in the augmented reality and technology industries, proving to be a pioneer in terms of interactivity and entertainment. The Aurasma augmented reality platform has been a popular tool for companies in a variety of industries, ranging from retail to marketing and everything in between. The popularity of the platform continues to grow as the demand for augmented reality grows among businesses and consumers. Aurasma boasts of…

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Augmented reality applications targeted in new campaign from Sony Music

Augmented reality-Aurasma

, Sony Music and Aurasma team to promote Carrie Underwood Sony Music has teamed with Aurasma, a leading augmented reality platform, to launch a new campaign that aims to draw attention to music sensation Carrie Underwood’s new album, Blown Away. Using the Aurasma Lie augmented reality application, Carrie Underwood fans will be able to experience digital content that is associated with the singer’s new album. Sony Music has produced a video that will be embedded within the cover art of the album, which can be unlocked through the use of…

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Mobile application synergy could help create more engaging experiences

mobile payments partnership deal

Clashing technologies could be used for a better purpose The world of mobile technology often seems at odds with itself. Several factions exist within the world of mobile technology, each of which is keen to point out why their favored device or application is superior to all others. Two subgroups of the industry – those supporting augmented reality and those supporting QR codes – have been feuding for some time. Both technologies have their merits and faults, which has spurred the concept of synergy, especially in the realm of mobile…

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