HID Global adds more mobile security to NFC technology

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mobile security insurance protectionMobile security becoming a major issue as financial information becomes stored on mobile devices

Mobile security has become everything when it comes to mobile commerce. Financial information is very valuable, especially to those that understand how to exploit it. As more consumers become engaged in the mobile commerce field, the security of financial information is becoming more ardently questioned. Much of the concerns people have regarding mobile security in this new form of commerce are hinged on the capabilities of NFC technology, which is often accused of being a major security threat to those participating in mobile payments.

HID Global sets sights on NFC technology

HID Global, a leading developer of security solutions, has a long standing interest in NFC technology and its supposed security faults. The company has extensive experience in the field of mobile security and is one of the few in this field that has not given up entirely on NFC technology and its uses in mobile commerce. As such, HID Global has developed a new service that is designed to boost the mobile security features of the technology. This system is called the Trusted Tag Services.

New service aims to make NFC tags safer

The service is designed to prevent people from counterfeiting or duplicating an NFC tag. These tags are often used in marketing mobile commerce to engage consumers. Like QR codes, these tags can be affixed to nearly any service. As such, malicious tags can be applied over non-malicious tags, presenting a significant risk for those that would be using them. The Trusted Tag Service helps alleviate these risks by ensuring that malicious tags cannot be used.

Mobile security threats have yet to reach a peak with NFC

Malicious NFC tags are not common and do not yet present a serious mobile security threat. This may change, however, as NFC technology continues to gain ground in numerous sectors. NFC is currently most popular in the mobile commerce field and it is likely there that most of the technology’s associated mobile security threats exist, due to the valuable nature of financial information and how easily it can be accessed from a mobile device.

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